He didn’t know why, but for some reason they wanted to hurt him. Before he knew it, they were all around him. There were five of them and he was just at his own. They stood around him, ready to beat him up. He was afraid but he hid his fear as good as he could. The guy behind him pushed him in his back and he almost lost his balance. The guys around him were laughing. They ridiculed and scolded him, while they didn’t even know him… why?

One of the guys hit his stomach and that hurt him very bad. Another guy hit his face. He wanted to scream but something, maybe pride, kept him silent. He managed to hid his pain, what angered the guys surrounding him even more. They started to hit him more and faster, the pain made him fall to his knees. Still, he kept silent.

Then he heard a scream of a, for him, well known voice. It was the voice of the girl he loved, but she didn’t know that, yet… She screamed his name and for the guys to leave him alone. That was the moment he got his voice back. He screamed for her to leave him. But she didn’t leave, in fact, she came closer. She wanted to help him. But the guys ignored her and continued with their humiliation.

He got scared when he saw a silver flash. One of the guys had a knife and wanted to stab him with it. The girl saw it too and she panicked. She screamed and yelled at the boys. She yelled at them to leave him alone and that she would call the police. Meanwhile she reached the group of guys surrounding him and she pushed them aside to get to him and wrap her arms around him in protection. He wished she didn’t… who knows, the guys may get her now as well… He worried more about her then about himself.

However, the guys backed down, afraid of her treat to call the police. After stabbing him quickly in his side with the knife, they finally left and ran off. He felt the flesh being teared apart and the blood gushing out. He grasped for breath while he fell to the ground. Lying on his back he closed his eyes and for a while he was in own world. Without him, there was just the pain… but suddenly he heard someone scream his name and that brought him back to consciousness. The girl he loved was sitting next to him and had grabbed his shoulders. She was gently pushing and pulling on his shoulders until she saw that he had opened his eyes. She was sobbing and when he looked at her face he could see tears in her eyes. For a moment he was wondering why she was crying. And then it hit him… she was crying, mourning about him… the shock hit him and he started to cry… because of the pain and the fear…

He turned his head to the side to take a look at the wound in his side. It was a big cut and the blood kept streaming out. Normally he would have been shocked but now he felt to numb to respond. The only he could concentrate on was the pain, screaming for his attention. He groaned, it hurt so bad… his wound felt burning… Then he felt a hand on his cheek and the warmth of it seemed to ease his pain a bit. The last thing he knew was the girl telling him an ambulance was on its way… than he drowned into black darkness and lost his consciousness again.


(sorry voor de spelfouten, zinsbouwfouten, etc.)


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